Roast loin of pork supper

Final supper for this birthday weekender..

Roast loin of pork..

A full on bone in number..

First it’s all about the pork.. Cracking free range number from those butcher boys in Wollaston..




They sang me happy birthday when I went in! Very cool..

I decided to cut it in half.. We have lots of leftovers at the moment!

So this needs no more than a roast at 220 for twenty minutes then down to 180 for forty minutes..


Doing the spuds the kerridge way of letting them dry out on a rack.. Better than shaking then I the pan? Not convinced Tom!


A garlic bulb with a dried chilli and some olive oil wrapped up and popped into the tray too.. That will be my leetle treat!



Veggies ?

Tempura ones.. With a lager batter..

Cauli, broccoli and fine green beans..


All dried up with help from uncle Ben ..


The pork all cooked up..

Just needs a little salt and the rest of that pot of Chimchurri ..


Such a great supper..


Last of that Bakewell tart with cornish clotted cream..


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9 replies

  1. What a lovely meal for a birthday celebration. Great looking pork and happy butchers.

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  2. Dear good lord happy birfday to you!!!

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  3. Dude – you certainly know how to eat well! Looks fab! 😉


  4. What a birthday weekend you’ve had!!!

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  5. Well, that’s the way to celebrate a birthday – looks fabulous!

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