Mighty tomahawk steak with truffle butter double baked spuds

That a long title huh?

Well it’s deserved..!!

Still going along with the fact that’s it’s my birthday weekend..

I picked up this fantastic steak from my lovely butchers.. It was a bit of a faff getting it right.. And lucky they were a little quiet so we could talk it through., yet Rob did a Stirling job!



What a great birthday treat huh?

And only one way to cook it.. On some of the cherrywood that my attorney sent me..


Cracking present that!

So weber fired up..


Steak seasoned hard .. Waved about for a while in a manner suitable for a birthday treat ..


And into the grill .. Lid on.. That cherry wood just smells the business! No more charcoal for me.. Possibly.., ahem..

Prior to that spuds delay with by chef ping.. Scooped out..


And some of that delicious black Umbrian winter truffle butter chopped in..


Back into the shells and back into the oven.. All crispy and scrummy..


And a salad of ribboned carrots , red cabbage, radishes, Indian pink onion, cos lettuce, beautiful toms.. And fresh grated Hungarian horseradish.. With a French dressing..


That tomahawk cooked perfect..


And finished off with some red ticket Heston beef finishing jus.. ( just posh gravy..).. ( shouldn’t have bothered really! ..)..

Stunning!! What a birthday supper..


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7 replies

  1. Get stuffed. That’s all 😜👍

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  2. That’s one heckuva Steak! Reminds me of the prime rib we used to get at Win Sculer’s. Happy Birthday 🙂

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  3. This meal is a work of art! We are having steak today, but nothing as amazing as your tomahawk, and the potatoes look amazing. Happy birthday!!!!

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