Use up supper , although tasty as ….

stuff to use up.. Sometimes one of the greatest moments in the kitchen.. 

This was one of those ..

Some tandoori chicken needing cooking.. So into the pan with water and extra thyme.. It’s a great way of cooking chicken.. You start by frying it and then add water to steam it through.. The water goes and you end up with moist and delicious tender chuck… 


It’s done when the water dissipates .. Maybe.. (Do check on it)…

So that’s the chicken.. 

And this great lamb number.. 

Starting with tender lamb cooked slo in a spicy gravy..


They look cool huh?

Chopped up a little .. A French onion added ( thanks Ronnie 😘).. 

And peas and fresh curry leaves..Back into the slo cooker…

And of course a tomato green onion and coriander salad.. Dressed in rice vinegar..


To go with? Those ‘sides’ of roasted sprouts .. Aubergine and pomegranate .. 

Plus some breads.. 

Simple chappati dough ..

 That is just warm water and flour!

Rolled out and cooked on the iron flat pan.


So simple yet so delicious!

And here we go… With a dollop of 0% Greek yoghurt with a sprinkle of urfa pepper

All together…

Yum yum yum yum .. 


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