Argentinian stylee Steak & chips with wild rocket and Chimchurri

Argentinian stylee Steak and chips…

Always a winning supper.. Especially when you have Steak like this! Super piece of hanger/bavette..


Sinewy bits removed and the meat beaten out.. That one bit of meat will yield at least 8 steaks..


A mix of balsamic vinegar, olive oil chilli flakes and cumin rubbed over the steaks whilst stacking them..


They will keep in the fridge for almost a week..

The chimchurri .. Ooh oooh oohey !!

Quarter cup of red wine vinegar, two pots of orange ticket parsley, four garlic cloves, salt, red pepper flakes and dried oregano .. All blitzed up in the JO whizzer ..




That will keep for a week at least.. And it is awesome!!

Catering fries cooked off in uncle bens wok with Mrs Middletons oil..


The steaks cooked off in the iron pan for just a single minute each side.. And left to rest before cutting and putting ontop of the wild rocket that also had horseradish sauce and olive oil dropped over it..


Freaking lovely supper.. Freaking lovely..


And for dessert ?

A wonderful Dutch waffle warmed over a delicious cup of pu era tea..


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10 replies

  1. My mouth is watering, love steak with chimichurri. And puer tea is my favorite.

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  2. Did you watch john torode in Argentina last night? A Beef eaters delight!

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  3. I really enjoy your blog, sir! 😉


  4. Having oatmeal for breakfast, reading your post, and wishing that I was having your steak and chips instead!

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