Amsterdam breakfast steak & eggs

There a zillion good places to take breakfast in Amsterdam.. Ok.. Maybe not a zillion yet you get the picture right?

Yet I a very fortunate that my Father lives here.. In a very fine house in a very fine district.. So cooking is easy .. And that makes me very happy!

So after a quick visit to a temple for hams called ibiricus..


And after a delightful conversation and sampling .. Back to the kitchen to cook..

Father had kindly pre boiled dome potatoes , do chopped and fried off in mrs Middletons oil, (he gets it shipped over..).. Adding snippings from the ham palace of Iberican mystery meats.. (Yet all wonderful!). And a few extra fine fillet steaks..


Those steaks took no longer than thirty seconds a side and we’re just the tenderest possible .. Superb!

It wouldn’t be steak and eggs without the eggs right?!!

So fried eggs with snippings of very wonderful black foot pig cured meat..


That was a great steak and eggs ala Amsterdam .. Perfect to set me up for the day ahead.. This is a walking city.. It’s great for raising an appetite.., 😜

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  1. Wow, this is a decadent breakfast. I love it actually. Have dinner for breakfast for a change. 🙂
    Happy Fiesta Friday.

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  2. También nosotros estuvimos en Amsterdam hace muchos años y nos encantó, así que espero que volvamos pronto.
    o hay nada mas bueno que un buen jamón de bellota, me siento privilegiada de vivir en España y poderlo comer a menudo. Me alegro mucho de que os guste también a vosotros y me encantaría poder compartir un buen jamón.

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  3. I would love to go to Amsterdam. Another stop on my bucket list. Your food always makes me hungry.

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  4. Ham iberico is one of my most most favorite things . . . maybe even more than burger . . . that stuff is like meat butter, but with a w!onderful silky texture . . . even though it is ridiculously expensive per pound it is so light in weight that you can get a fix for a few bucks every once in a while

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  5. We loved our trips to Amsterdam – a great city to do anything. For business reasons we got to visit a lot,, but I have to admit I never went to a meat market! Thanks for sharing with Fiesta Friday 🙂

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