Chicken and chorizo fried rice

An back from my travels.. Back to rain, hail, sleet and fog.. Ah well .. Only for two weeks as then it’s off galavanting again..

Needed something comforty -4-tea..

I need to hit the store , so it’s another use up dish.. And what better for a fiesta Friday?

So.. We have the garlic chicken .. A stick of chorizo that once you cut the mouldy looking bits off will be fine.. Some celery.. Left over sprouts and carrots .. Some frozen petit pois.. A frozen piece of ginger and a shallot..

And a pack of very good Chinese rice…

Chopped a shallot .. Grated the ginger over the other chopped ingredients..

Set to fry the shallots, celery and chorizo.. Adding the rest when it felt right.

When sizzle sizzle is the bizzle.. Add the rice and whack the heat up..

Mind the potential sticking now!

A splash of stir fry kikoman soy sauce .. A couple of pinches of this and that and a drop of another.

Steaming hot. This makes a great quick warmly comfy dish..

And easy peasey to make.. Try it with whatever you have to hand.. A great use up and store cupboard supper if lunch.. Hmm perhaps with the addition if an egg it could become breakfast..

Possibilities are endless.. Enjoy!






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17 replies

  1. a real mans dish, my husband would love this and my boys


  2. How resourceful, always good to cut the moldy bits off. Glad I’m not the only one. Welcome home from travel.


  3. That looks good, love fried rice, with lots soy sauce and a little butter! Where you going now? Someplace warm, I hope, to make us all jealous!


  4. This looks like fun! It’s like fried rice meets paella, love it! 🙂


  5. Chorizo fried rice…love that concept! We’ll usually toss in whatever is leftover in the fridge!


  6. I love it! Sometimes I do exactly the same thing! Whatever is in the fridge becomes an awesome meal! Always a little bit different, but always delicious! By the way, so glad you cut off the mouldy bits LOL!


  7. Everything is better with chorizo!


  8. Wow, this dish looks like it’s kicking with all sorts of flavor!


  9. Love it! My style cooking! What’s in the fridge and cupboard, and what can it become?! Made a very similar spicy rice with some pork and chorizo the other day, and it was yummy!



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