Makin bacon..

Are you fed up of ‘snotty’ bacon.. This kind that leaves a watery gooey mess in your pan?

Or maybe you are fed up of paying the ridiculous prices for so called artisan bacon? Widely available at farmers markets and the alike?

Either way .. Help is here.. And it’s so freakin simple !


Wowee Woodle doodle .. I wish someone had told me how to do this years ago..

Now.. A couple of ‘rules’ here that you do need to mind..

First.. Just because you are making it doesn’t mean that it’s acceptable to use inferior pork.. because you are making it you should try get the best flesh you can..

Belly, loin, even shoulder .. Oh and don’t forget the wonderful jowl bacon!

Whatever the cut just make sure it’s from a great hog.. It may seem a little pricey at the time yet have a think about his great it’s gonna be.. And when sliced up you will be astounded and amazed..( jeez I sound like some kinda circus guy!).. At the amount you get..

Ok that’s it! Thems the rules..

This time for me it’s belly.. Berkshire sired belly.. Just bought straight up from the butchers counter..


Many many recipes .. Techniques and sheer bafflement..

I go easy .. Just get on line and order some bacon curing mix.. It’s all natural so don’t worry about any hidden nasties.. Maybe I will start to make my own cure yet for now this just makes it easy.. And easy is good right?

Simply run the cure all over the pork… Into all the cracks .. And put it in a bag.. Into the fridge..Is that it?

Umm yup!!

Turn it every day.. Makes it easy when it’s in the fridge.. When you first open the fridge in the morning just flip the bag..

How long?

One day per half inch, thickness if meat.. Plus two more days at the end..

At the end of time rinse the meat..

Leave it one more night uncovered in the fridge.

Now you can get all scientific if you like.. Smoking it an all that ..

I simply run it through the sliced and vac pac it up..

No need really as now it’s cured you could just hang it up.. It leave in the fridge till it goes frazzy.. Doubt it will last that long though..

Trust me .. You will NEVER go back to overpriced nor under whelming bacon again.. NEVER!!






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  1. Reblogged this on Cooking with Mr Fitz and commented:

    From march 2014… I like looking back through the years!


  2. Seriously? It’s that easy? I’m totally going to have to do this! I love bacon but don’t get it that much because of all the nitrites and crap… this could change everything.


  3. Hi Mr. Fitz! Thank goodness you have revealed the process that creates the brilliant bacon that you produce and thank you for the sample you posted through my letterbox yesterday. I had it in a white bread sandwich with loads of butter (the only bread for a true Scotsman) and it was great. More samples will be gratefully received, Ha Ha!!! See you in the pub tomorrow. 😉 Jack. X


  4. You’re my hero, Mr Fitz, making your own bacon and all. I don’t think I would take the time to ever do that. I usually get turkey bacon anyway which leave no mess at all in the pan.


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