Makin bacon..

From march 2014… I like looking back through the years!

Cooking with Mr Fitz

Are you fed up of ‘snotty’ bacon.. This kind that leaves a watery gooey mess in your pan?

Or maybe you are fed up of paying the ridiculous prices for so called artisan bacon? Widely available at farmers markets and the alike?

Either way .. Help is here.. And it’s so freakin simple !


Wowee Woodle doodle .. I wish someone had told me how to do this years ago..

Now.. A couple of ‘rules’ here that you do need to mind..

First.. Just because you are making it doesn’t mean that it’s acceptable to use inferior pork.. because you are making it you should try get the best flesh you can..

Belly, loin, even shoulder .. Oh and don’t forget the wonderful jowl bacon!

Whatever the cut just make sure it’s from a great hog.. It may seem a little pricey at the time yet…

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