How to make seven boxes full of porky goodness ..

How to make seven boxes of porky goodness?


Take a hand of pork .. I got mine from butcher Dave at a great price.. That’s him holding the crown of lamb for Mother’s Day.. And Yup! piggies also gave hands.. Just like cows really do have wings.. They do I swear!

Take that hand of pork and walk it proudly into a good Le cresuet pot… Or any other heavy duty pot with a lid..

Add a drop of water ..

Pop into the oven at 125 (real money degrees).. For SEVEN hours.. Covered..

Pour off most of the juice .. I throw it out yet bet you could do summat with it.

Then for the final blast, turn it up to 220. Take the lid off and let it crackle up.. Your house will now smell the bees knees.. Bees knees? Maybe piggy knees .. Nah.. Ok. Just the smell of tremendous cooking.. As long as you dig pork !

Then. Leave it.. All night.. Just in the pot with the oven off ..

The next day.. (Which was today for me..) .. Pull the strands of seriously jolly fine pork.. Pull them fine.. Snip the crispy rind up discarding the super gooey bits.. That’s where it helps if you have a couple of hounds..

The addition of BBQ sauce if course is the biz .. And many varieties are of course discussed in bars and yards across the globe ..

I gone simple.. Well use up from the cupboards .. A couple of jars of Worcestershire glaze.. Bought a couple of years ago! And a squishy bottle of BBQ ketchup sauce .. Left over over from the summer…

Mixed up well..

Pulled again into strands. Now covered delicately in super sauce..

And fill the seven boxes.. Ready for all manner of dishes.. Watch this space for future examples!!

Fantastic porkiness!

That’s how you make seven boxes of porky goodness ..








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3 replies

  1. Porky goodness makes the world go round. 🙂


  2. It’s what you do with it next I’m looking forward too!


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