Indian food three ways.. And a couple more.

Fancied some Indian style food ..

With the help of the patak family it was easy.. These smaller packs of sauce they have created are very good indeed and just perfect for those quick suppers..

We have two kinds . A goan hot and sour and a punjabi 5 spice..

Okra with the punjabi one.. And jeez Louise this is fast! Heat the wok.. Add the chopped okra.. Add the packet .. Shimmy shammy shoo shoo.. It’s done..

Next pairing the roast chicken from the fridge .. Tearing out the better bits.. Chopping the rest up for the hounds . Mr Wentworth being particularly happy about this.. With thin fine French beans.. Straight from the freezer.

Again simply tossed in the wok.. Goan hot and sour sauce added .. Done


Chef ping ping helped out with a couple of spuds.. Chopped and fried … The addition of a can of sarson ka saag.. That stuff is the best thing to keep a can of.. Great invention that!

So that’s the trio..

And a couple more?

Little lamb kebabs .. Kofte style .. Texture a bit funny on these.. Too much gram flour added I reckon.. Reckon? Ok.. I admit it.. Too much gram flour.. It’s good to put some in as helps the stickiness .. We learn though right?

And some aloo tikka type things..

Boiled potato , the addition of spices.. shallots and petit pois .. shaped into small patties.. dipped into a spiced gram flour batter., delicious! served with a raita made with Greek yoghurt. & some masala chilli sauce..


Some home made flat breads ..

Good eating.











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