Roast beef Sunday lunch.. & leftovers!

Had a great bit of Hereford beef for Sunday lunch. With all the trimmings.,

Yet that’s not for this post, this is about the leftovers!

With great beef, a few spuds, carrot and swede mash.. It had to be a take on the pasty..

Now ..

Please don’t shout at me for being not too traditional here..

And also I used store bought pastry.. And I never made it into actual pasty shapes.. So is it a pasty? Probably not.

Darn tasty though I tell ya!

After chopping everything up adding a stick of celery and a handful of shallots, plus some mushrooms that looked like they needed eating.. A splash if sweet soy and tamari.. Just warmed it through to mix..

Went for sausage roll type of an affair .

Simply placed on the pastry..

Brushed with egg white.

And baked..

Freakin delicious ..






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6 replies

  1. Loving this idea. Perfect way to make leftovers into a desirable meal of their own!


  2. How yummy!


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