Cyprus fries/chips Mrs Middletons oil = glorious!

I just love Cyprus potatoes ..

Just love em!

Something about their colour.. The soil on the outside and their flavour?

WOW.. These spuds are special..

And to treat them with the greatest respect.. It has to be to crinkle cut the and thrice cook them.. In Mrs Middletons wonderful rapeseed oil..

Stage one..

Peel and are the crinkle cutter to make long lovely fries..

Soak them in water to remove starch ..

Pat them dry with a teatowel ..

Heat the oil in the wok.. Not too hot.. Just get them to boil in the oil a little..

Then remove them.. Allow to cool..

Go again in the oil . A little hotter this time..

Again remove to cool.. Bored yet?

Don’t be this is well worth the treatment…

Now good and hot this time ..

The final crisping and colouring..

This will make the most glorious fries..drain on brown paper so they don’t get soggy..

And serve spanking hit with salt and vinegar and the delicious pastries and some left over BBQ ued chops you found in the fridge

Oh! A dollop of stokes ketchup just adds to this dish!

Cyprus potatoes .. Freaking glorious!






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4 replies

  1. Thanks. That is helpful. Unfortunately rapeseed is rare around here, only canola which I never use.


  2. My husband has been asking for fries but I have put him off while I decide which oil is best to use. I prefer suet but can’t get any just yet – any other suggestions?


    • Agreed with beef fat.. although duck is good too!

      Admittedly though I find the best for this style of frying is very light olive oil.. or even better (and what I use most..).. rapeseed .. you can use it a lot of times too!


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