Office canteen lunch

I had to attend a series of meetings in a clients office.. It happens sometimes..

However while there i did get to visit their staff canteen..and was really pleasantly surprised.. Take a look at the menu for this week.. It reads better than some of the five star hotels I get to stay in!

Ok sure it wasn’t the mighty google amazing canteen across the pond.. Ever seen that? Google it., it’s wild!

Yet this as office canteens go was pretty cool in my view..

Loads of different food stations.. With pretty much something for anyone available.. Far too much to photograph!

The bits that stuck out to me?

A fresh noodle station, a grill and lovely looking salads..

All at seemingly good prices.. One thing though ..

I went for a jacket potato. Not made by chef ping ping this was good .. Yet the price? The naked spud was 90pence.. Great! Adding baked beans drove the price up to 2.80!! How the heck does that work? Crazy baby!

So I had the spud.. With butter.. And some of the house made chilli sauce.. And very good it was too..

I look forward to my next client meeting!







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