Bird of Smithfield

Time for a meeting with my attorney and in time honoured fashion we meet to eat..

There were a couple of places we were going to try out.. The Ivy (a usual) Hawksmoor and Goodmans.

Decided instead after a dinner conversation that my wonderful attorney had the other day.. On..

Bird of Smithfield .. Chef Alan Bird formally from the Ivy and Soho house amongst other things..

And it was a darn fine choice..

After reading a few reviews on line it seemed that people were in a few minds about the place.. In particular about the service .. So with slight trepidation (really slight to be fair) I caught the train into town.. Carting a 6.5 kilo Serrano ham as a gift to my attorney.. Gets you great smiles and conversation when you carry one of them I tell ya.. Try it!

Met my attorney for a quick pint at a lovely boozer opposite Smithfield market, if you are unaware of what that is it is an amazing historical beautiful building , that is still a fully working meat market .. Google it.. Enjoy!

We then commenced to our lunch destination.. After getting wonderful comments and knowing looks at my now infamous Serrano ham.. Cool !

Entered the building.. A very interesting set up.. More on that in a while.. Kinda stood there in the bar looking a bit lost.. Until a member of the staff when prompted seemed a bit pissed off that we had a reservation.. A good start?

Well up the stairs we went.. Very nicely decorated with great art on the walls.. Changes often that art.. Chef Birds business partner Simon someone has a pal that sorts that out we learnt..

And into the dining room we go..
A real nice cosy feel .. Not small cosy . Nice cosy.. a feel that you are ataying in someone’s nice house.

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