Bird of Smithfield

Time for a meeting with my attorney and in time honoured fashion we meet to eat.. There were a couple of places we were going to try out.. The Ivy (a usual) Hawksmoor and Goodmans. Decided instead after a dinner… Read More ›

Jamies BBQ …

Jamies Barbacoa Firstly. Is it really any good?.. Hmmmm Well location score! Fantastic views of St Pauls.. Website versus actual place.. A little mis-leading.. Shame.. Lack of ‘Qing’ meat.. Let’s try it… So to begin? Pork scratchings with a vanilla… Read More ›

Arabian lunch

Had this lebanese marinated lamb in the freezer, took it out and left to defrost.. Put into pre-heated oven for 6 mins only.. Meantime empty (ahem x) tub of good store bought salad.. Take out hot mexican peppers.. Sauces.. Open… Read More ›