Jamies BBQ …

Jamies Barbacoa

Firstly. Is it really any good?.. Hmmmm

Well location score! Fantastic views of St Pauls..

Website versus actual place.. A little mis-leading.. Shame.. Lack of ‘Qing’ meat..

Let’s try it…

So to begin?

Pork scratchings with a vanilla and chili dip, these were superb.. Warmed like super frazzels.. I would have these again again again..hmm ahhh yeah… Again x

Deep fried pickles.. Strange these as I thought they would be the regular dill ones yet they really were ‘pickles’.. Chillis , pickled onions, kinda deep fried in a semolina? Crumb?

Baby ribs .. Nice yet no a scratch on Mr Fitz’s.. Am thinking volume here people!! X

Chicken wings, we all agreed that these were a wee bit disappointing.. Not the lovely fat full on super wing.. Those neatly butchered two piece jobbies, false economy that.. Its just not right!! You know.. Where you get the drumstick shaped piece.. And the skin covered tippy bit… False economy..

Crispy pig cheeks in a round with a ‘fresh’ pick-a-lilly.. Can’t abide the stuff meself .. None of us knew what these would be.. So seems to be a kinda pulled pork.. Type of pig cheek.. Formed into a patty.. And crisped in the fryer.. We reckoned that the addition of some crackling would have made it a more interesting mouth feel .. X

Also had good skin on duck fat fried chips.. Duck fat may have been a little too hot.. And was not ducky enough.. You know when you get those small bits of duck skin stickin to the chips? .. That’s the best ..

Ok.. Good stuff.. Yet all frickin tiny man! Ok.. So the food was cool. Yet the idea of attending a bbq theatre was sadly lacking indeed.. You couldn’t even smell the smoke.. You are in a shopping mall though x albeit a very nice one!

For the main? We went for a rib of beef to share.. A two bone number.. Medium rare.. Sweet! And the bone saved for Mr Wentworth.. This is cool.. (Although am sure the rib of beef at the same price as a buy-out of a tikki bar in LA!!) X perfectly pink..


Went for a shake .. Delicious and shared between 3 .. Lemon meringue, pecan pie.. Ice creams.. Jelly things.. Lovely to share..

Left the place.. got addlee onto..

Gone cuccina at Me London. Couldn’t get into Radio.. Over zealous door staff.. Ridiculous .. Will be complaining.. Will I? Nah.. Probably not.. Xwill mention it to my pals though! X

Veal meat balls, and great veal stufffed olives.. First delivered with parmesan.. Sent back.. New ones delivered .. They are cool..

The rose was ok.. Staff good.. Hyped.. Yup .. Sorry (as they are good pals of mine..)

Last stop.. Tapas bar.. Brilliant! On the strand.. Run by irish of course.. Lovely peoples.. Navvara thingy chorizo.. And very cold sherry.. Well its just too hot here.. So not that cold.. Cool though.. Real nice place wowsers was hot though!!

Meeting concluded… X good ‘meating’ x

(Good to be fair and long overdue..)

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