L’atalier des chefs.. Fois gras sliders

I was very proud to be invited to attend a competition of sorts by my friends .. It was held at l’atalier des chefs in London. A nice crowd of people in attendance .. I have never been inside a culinary school.. I can kinda see why..


There were a number of cooking stations with great chefs and the idea is that you watched the chef.. Then recreated what you saw.. And then got marked by the chefs.. And you get to eat what you have made! (Along with a fine selection of fine French wines…ahem).. Overall you were to be judged by a very serious headchef from the majestic in canne..

Some of the stations had more attention than others as people were keen to learn.. and show off a little.. Yet the atmosphere was polite and enjoyable albeit pretty busy!!

The sliders section was were I knew I could hold my own.. (I better had anyways!..)..

So after watching a very nice slider created by the chef.. It included all kinds of things.. I knew I wanted to pair it back..

Beginning with ground chuck steak , a layer of .. Then a piece of fried fois gras added.. Then more chuck steak .. pressed into a pattie.. All under the watchful eye of the chef..


Pretty hard to take pictures of it all really.. I got disapproving looks.. Maybe something to do with hygiene..

Seasoned on one side only with salt and pepper.. that side down into the pan.. fried for two minutes a side maybe less . the brioche bun then allowed to soak up the fois gras cooking .. ummm fat..


It was delicious!! Like really delicious!!

And I got three stars for it.. And the chef said that he has never given three stars for a burger!!



There you go..

Ok I didn’t win overall .. I probably should have paid more attention at other stations.. My attention span wained.. Rosti & fried quail egg for instance was tiresome.. Ahh well..

The burger was the business..


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  1. What a great experience you had! Congrats and thanks for sharing this with us at FF!

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  2. Nice work Mr F. That burger sounds kick ass!!

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  3. Well done. I know foie gras is really hard to work with – I have had it disappear before my eyes. I am in awe of your three stars.

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  4. Congratulations Mr. Fitz for holding your own. I had no doubt. I would never do something like this. I’s freak out that I would make a mess of things. 🙂

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  5. Sounds like a delicious slider to me – what an opportunity and you obviously had a good time 🙂

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  6. Congratulations! Sounds like you had fun 🙂

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  7. So you may have to tell more then!! It sounds amazing – what an experience. And to get 3 stars is quite the achievement I am guessing – KA POW indeed!!

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  8. What fun!! Nice burger and a great experience.


  9. You are one lucky man, Mr. Fritz. The insides of the culinary school must have been amazing. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. 🙂

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