Review of Bird of Smithfield part two

Have had to write a part two… As annoyingly after writing a heap of stuff it seemed to have not uploaded.. Bugger..

So where were we?

Ahh yes.. Into the dining room.

Now he service has been slated in reviews yet we rely had no issues.. Our server Vicki was great . Offering advice on all the dishes.. More about that in a bit..

Let’s talk food ..

After us discussing business it really was time to order.

You can check out the menu on-line to be fair.. It will be far easier!

Water poured and a lovely bottle of Provence Rose ordered.. We pondered the menu.. Eventually deciding on the quail dish for my attorney .. And the mackerel for me.. Now as you may know from previous posts fish really ain’t my bag.. Yet my hand was a little forced as there was nothing else really for me to have..

The quail was pretty and my attorney stated if was delicious, the mackerel dish I had was done three ways and served with heritage beers and slices if crisp green apple. I have got to say I enjoyed it!

Starters finished its time to get serious ..

We stared hard at the menu. As one should in these situations.. Now Houston we have a problem. A good problem yet a problem after all.,

One of us has to have the shepherds pie. Simply titled Alan’s Shepherds pie.. This the famous dish.. The one the ivy is renowned for.. We have eaten it there a few times (ahem)..

My attorney called it..

Vicki explained the specials.. I went for the sirloin cooked chefs choice with bone marrow butter..

Sides? Purple sprouting broccoli in garlic and chilli.. Nice..

And triple cooked chips.. NOW.. Those that know me and read me are pretty aware that I have an almost OCD affair with fried spuds.. so we made a deal with Vicki.. If I didn’t like them , they would get scratched off the bill..

They arrived .. Technically brilliant.. Brilliant indeed , little ‘blisters’ of crispness on the outside.. Yet..

I dunno if it was the oil they were cooked in.. (Maybe try mrs Middletons rapeseed oil chef Bird?) (perhaps Whizz will mail you a sample?)..

Or was it the variety of spud.. I am ver y particular about spuds. Must be the irish in me.. Don’t feck with the potatoes dude..

Yet they got scratched off the bill.. At the end if the meal whilst discussing with Chef Bird we talked chips.. Also talking chips with the cool co-diners on the table near us..

Back to the main event..

The shepherds pie was served with ‘poppy’ peas.. And the pie itself truly delicious. I had to snaffle a piece off my attorney’s plate., wonderful mash and seriously rich and flavourful meaty filling.. And that’s a great word for it.. Meaty. It takes two days to cook this pie.. there is a variety of textures in the meat filling.. an almost pulled ‘pork’ type of lamb.. And nuggets of sweet mince .. Plus more! In a great gravy.. Speaking of the gravy there was also a small jug of the most intense gravy.. I am talking phucing intense!!

The piped mash topping was also a delight and all of it was delicately devoured by my attorney..

We both agreed that it was better than the ivy.. I still reckon though that Mrs Fitz’s cottage pie beats it hands down.. Sorry Chef Bird..

My steak? The marrow bone butter was just awesome .. Trust me it was awesome. The steak? Well I would have Prefered an onglet/hanger steak to bd honest yet it was lip smacking my good.. A decent meat with a decadent topping..
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It got nailed..







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