Review of Bird of Smithfield part three! The finale!


Last part of the review., let’s talk dessert.

With that lovely feeling if happy fullness. It’s time for desert at the Bird of Smithfield. It did not disappoint ..

Yet what to have? Hmmmm

My attorney went for the Seville chocolate pudding with marmalade ice cream.. This takes thirteen minutes to make.. Yup thirteen .. And it was near on perfect . The chocolate gooey. And the marmalade ice cream delight full..

(I know of a particular Peruvian bear that would have given it a very hard stare.. And loved it!).. coming to your bug screens soon..

I was a little torn.. Yet the murmurs of dight coming from our cool co-diners on the table across from us made my mind up.. By the way we were now the only people left in the dining area..

Apple and raspberry pie.. With rhubarb ripple icecream and a what I think was a dehydrated piece of rhubarb.. Whatever it was I could easily eat a bag of them. Move over haribo!

The pastry was amazing.. Like seriously amazing.. The filling sweet and tart all at the same time .. The ice cream was good. Yet I would have liked more ripples in it.. Yet that’s a visual thing I reckon..

Desserts demolished..

Time for tea.. They have Jing tea here.

We went for two types. The rosebud which we both agreed was an ‘event’ tea.. Delicate and pretty .. Would go well sitting in the garden . Enjoying it after a small bit of toil.

Also an iron Buddha tea. a seriously heavy duty tea.. It felt line it was doing you good as you drank it., sheesh!

The meal overall was very good.. Will we return ?

For sure… Out of ten? Eight..

Chef Bird joined us at the table.. And offered to show us about . He obviously knew who I think I am.. Ha ha ha. It was a really cool thing to do..

So me and my attorney took to the stairs up to the roof terrace.. That would make for a great party or summertime snacking..

Then downstairs to the bar.. Which serves mini items from the main menu as we as takes on pub classics.. Think fish finger sandwiches, burgers and that kinda thing. Oh and if course a smaller version if the shepherds pie!

And then downstairs once more.. Down into a very cool club called the birdcage.. Very cool..

I had read in other reviews that overall the Bird of Smithfield had the feel of a members club without membership… And it does.. I am big sure if I would like to visit when it was busy ., I think if may lose some of its charm.. Perhaps a bit like a too crowded house party.. Albeit in a very nice house!

I had a really nice time there though. And do look forward to going back.

Thanks to my attorney for suggesting it, Chef Bird for creating the dishes.. And Vicki for being a great server and allaying any pre thoughts about possible bad service ..


Am also skipping supper .,

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