Salmon ‘Wellington’?

Now am not convinced that I have the right word for this salmon in pastry dish that I made Mrs Fitz.. Yet ‘Wellington’ seems about right ..

I was still full from my meeting @chefbird in Smithfield ..

Yet Mrs Fitz still needs a something..

Having found some salmon in one if the freezers.. And a tub of store bought hollandaise. Something was going to happen between those two..

So out they came in the morning to defrost..

Hmmm hmm hmmmm AHA!

A bag of soft salad leaves needed eating so after picking through them to get the better bits if spinach and red chard,, adding some sweet rocket and garlic and onion chives from the garden.. Chopping up well..

Into a pan with a drizzle of mrs Middletons pimped up roscoff garlic oil.. Once nice an wilted chopped and skinned salmon dusted in chilli and garlic salt.. And the tub of hollandaise sauce was added . The marriage was on!

Bristol blend pepper and a pinch of maldon sea salt helped the flavours get it on..

Store bought puff pastry. Unrolled .. And now cooling filing places inside.. Folded and tucked together .. Brushed with milk.

Into the oven at 200 degrees (real money) .. For 30 minutes..

Served with lime wedges and sweet Spanish peppers.. And a wiggle of chilli and garlic sauce. Mrs Fitz declared that it was one if the nicest things I have made her for a good while..

I forget she likes delicate dishes also..

Must remember that..

Anyways Wellington? Not sure.. Enjoyed? Seems so..

That’s all that matters right?








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  1. I love how you personalized it!!!


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