Cardamom Butter Chicken

Seems like curry was on Jacks menu too!!!

Christine made a delicious chicken broth using 3 chicken legs so here’s what I did with the left over chicken.

It obviously needed some taste since the boiling took most of the flavour out of the chicken. A curry was the obvious answer.

I had also been searching for cardamom seeds and of course I sought Mr. Fitz’s advice and I hate to admit it but he directed me straight to a source that I argued would not have them and they had :-(!

So I searched for a recipe that concentrated on cardamom seeds and this is what I did:

I slowly cooked a couple of sliced onions for about 20 mins.

While this was going on I minced together a few cloves of garlic, a piece of ginger, and a large green chilli and the stalks of a bunch of coriander ( the leaves I kept for garnish ) added it to to the pot and cooked for another 5 mins. I then added a tsp each of turmeric, cumin and garam masala and cooked for another 2 mins.

A can of tomatoes was then added with a can of water, a cinnamon stick, a few cloves, a small pot of yoghurt and about 4 tbsp of double cream. This was simmered for about 40 mins.

I didn’t have any poppadoms or naan bread so while this was going on I toasted a few tortillas in a dry frying pan.

I served the butter chicken with the coriander leaves and the toasted tortillas.

It was OK. But will I cook it again. I don’t know. I will need to think why it wasn’t great and make some adjustments.

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  1. I like that you used the chicken. I think the amount of tumeric was too much. Usually in a curry tumeric is the spice that is used the least.

    Thanks for liking my chicken curry – let me know if you have a go at it. I have a butter chicken recipe as well. Its very simple and mild but full of flavor.

    Great blog. Love reading your stories.


  2. Looks delicious! …I posted a similar recipe last week too. Great minds, you know…


  3. Looks fabulous…I wonder if some dried hot peppers and perhaps just a smidge of lemon juice added with the yogurt might enliven things a bit. And I agree with Cteavin. Toasting your own spices not only makes the flavors more intense, it also perfumes the house! Glyn


  4. Hi,

    I might be able to give you a tip or two, if you’re thinking about how to improve your dish.

    Have you considered putting your main masala (cinnamon, cardamom, clove, bay leaf) in oil before adding the onions? The oil will extract the flavour from the spices. You might also try getting the onions very brown and then adding a little water to get the flavours stuck to the pan. I forgot the name, but it’s a restaurant technique used in India. Lastly, if you’re cooking your dish 40 minutes the flavours will evaporate.

    I don’t mean to offend you in writing this. If you like, you can mark it as SPAM and it will disappear. Otherwise, happy cooking. 🙂


  5. hi. how do I get in to change an sentence on this post?

    Jack M Taylor, Mob: 07860347052 Email: (Always reply to this email address)


  6. You wrote from your phone?!?! I dud my post today from my iPhone and it was harder than I expected! Awesome!


    • I always write from my phone and I tell you it’s easy!!! You have set up the email address so you can do it as an email? Or are you using the app? I just started using the app and it’s cool!!

      Also today I used the iPhone instead of the crack berry and used the microphone button.. Even cooler!! You just talk to it and it writes!! Wow! Ok you have to meddle with it a bit,, yet is going well.. Try it x


    • Yes Laura. I sent the post from my Samsung. However at that time I did not have authorship from Mr. Fitz. So I sent it directly to Mr. Fitz by email and he posted it. I have now to work out how to post directly to the site! I am now setting up my own blog which will have the detailed recipes for the posts I put on Mr. Fitz site and some other favourite recipes I have used over the many years that I have been cooking. (It will be some time before I get that right). My site is


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