Chicken fried steak nuggets

First of all what year was top gun movie with Tom Cruise

Me and Mrs Fitz often do this when there are movies on and then hit the info button …guess the year .. Son your ego is writing cheques ya body can’t cash can’t cash …

You got it?

Okay I am your wingman ..


Highway to the danger zone baby !!!

And yup.. Our supper entered that..

I had a great bit of beef yet decided to turn into chicken fried steak ruined says Mrs Fitz absolutely ruined yet did serve her cauliflower cheese as well and home-made Fries chips as we call them in England..

The chips were fantastic the chicken fried steak was something Mrs Fitz just did not get..

And to be fair it was the best cote de boeuf or Cowboy steak possible..

And maybe fecked a great bit of beefs..

MY mistake yet the chips were fantastic King Edward potatoes fried in sunflower oil double fried of course and left in again in the 60° oven beautiful…

These were real chips I remember as a child eating real chips from potatoes soaked in water , wrapped in the cloth washed again rewrapped in cloth to make sure that all the starch was removed..

My grandfather made chips like this and served them with corned beef or other cold cuts..eggs and bread and butter.. And what amazing supper that was.. The chime used to ring and you knew it was your turn.. if you were there then you know who you are x

I recall getting ‘stepped’ up into the big league .. It meant you waited.. Everyone else ate first. Yet you got the best food.. The rest of the kids that followed never got to appreciate that.. it was a MASSIVE thing x

Yet they should of.. It taught me order and class.. Did it really ? Feck nose.. Hahaha x

Let alone sitting under the wee cupboard under the stairs when I may have cursed a little.. Ahem x

Was I a bad child? No..

I have a great photo somewhere of the heap of the grand kids.. And I am in a Hawaiian shirt… Loved it x

Anyways.. Great fries.. I liked the chicken fried steak .. And top gun on TV??

Cool man cool cool x






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  1. By far the best post I’ve read 🙂 Enjoy your writing style, the food looks delish and yes homemade fries/chips are the absolute best! Cheers!!


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