I don’t care what the weather man says.. It’s BBQ time!

First BBQ of the season.. Just had to be done.. With all that kofte related products all I needed was the basic gift to humankind… Fire! (Cue the music!)…

if you can recall a post from last summer I happen to still be in possession of a ridonkulous amount of charcoal.. All bought as water damaged .. It’s all dry now and ready to play ball..

Fired up the weber.. It’s good to see it back out in use again..

While that’s getting hot it’s time to talk chops..

I got these wonderful delicate lamb chops from the same butcher that the kofte mix came from..

Marinated them with the following:

Low fat natural yoghurt, tandoori powder courtesy of the Shan family, Ume plum vinega, garlic and ginger paste, Worcestershire sauce, mango powder , pomegranate powder and chilli salt .,

And left all day to get its thang on..

They were first act on the stage of fire ..

Mighty fine them chops I gotta say!!

Mrs Fitz served them up with a wonderful veg biriyani courtesy of the Tilda family.. And a cracking supper was eaten!

The next act was the kofte skewers.. Cooked because.. Well there was fire and that’s what happens when there is fire around! Things just get cooked!

They were yummy too . They will be vac packed today for quick meals another day ..

And the finale was the kofte sausages.. They brought the house down.. A big round of applause for these chaps..

They just worked .. Also to be tucked away for future use..

BBQ one … Done! X








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8 replies

  1. Well done Mr. Fitz. First to take advantage of the change in weather. You have beat me to it. All my BBQs are still in the garage. You have inspired me to get moving. Thinking about the lamb chops and me getting hooked on Sous Vide I can see me vacuum cooking chops in the rice cooker and then flash charring them on the BBQ. Burnt and tender!! Ideas are flashing through my head. Thanks for the inspiration. 😉


  2. I think you like playing with fire, Mr Fitz! 🙂


  3. It’s definitely bbq time. I stuffed myself and hubs full of it last night and we’ll be doing it again tonight. Your food looks great!



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