Chilli, lime marinated steak sandwich

For Mrs Fitz’s lunch today, I hooked her up with a superpowered steak sarnie..

So called as it contained super ingredients!

Chilli and lime marinated steak pieces, cooked hard and fast with chopped white onion and red Turkish pepper ..

A final flurry of finely grated Italian cheeses.. All plonked into a mayo dressed fresh baguette ..

Seemed to have gone down well!





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3 replies

  1. yum! This one’s going on the menu for my meat mad hubby. Steak + Cheese = happy husband!


  2. Looks the biz. Today I had a great baguette in Pret for lunch filled with cheddar, pickle, and that fattening stuff erm lettuce I think it’s called!! it was delicious but this looks even more appetising. Put on the back burner for later since there is none of that fattening stuff. 😉


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