Lamb ‘kofte’ style kebabs.. Yum!

Remember that great lamb mix I picked up from the butchers yesterday?

With fresh ginger, garlic, onion, chilli’s & coriander /cilantro?

Well today it got an extra pimping!

Some secret kebab seasoning powder.. Some gram flour, medium pin head rusk and water.. All squished and squashed together ..

Hmmm now what. ?

It’s smelling delightfully fresh and meaty.. Hmmm..

Ah yes! Kofte style kebabs.. That’s the ticket! Using the mincer on the sausage attachment to push it out as sausagey shapes .. First lot perfect to be pan fried for lunch..

Now, I have those skins , the beef collagen ones left over from the frankfurter escapade ..

Decided that they will make the perfect shape holders in this case.. (scuse the pun!)..

So stuffed them into the casings.. The handles of the kitchen cupboards are great for keeping them handy for now..

Humph.. Still got mix left.. Burgers? No way! These are delicate fit for a maharaja kebabs.. So bamboo skewers..

Have ended up making a bunch of kofte related products now! Whoops!

Ok.. Let’s try some for lunch..

Pan fried in pimped mrs Middletons Lebanese herb oil.. Till cooked through .. Thin pitta from the warbuton family.. Salad dressed in newmans ranch..

I loved them! Mrs Fitz not as keen.. These taste authentic and a little rough around the edges.. Perfect!!

Now.. What to do with the rest.. Hmmm







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6 replies

  1. You’re killing me with all your posts, Mr. Fitz. Every one of them makes me hungry when I needn’t be feeling hungry.


  2. Mediterranean sandwiches are the best. 🙂


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