Chapli kebab , emergency food

We have arrived home after a long travel.. And it turns out that there had been a mini heat wave whilst we have been gone!

You know that smell of heat you get when the plane door first opens.. The smell that makes you realise that you have landed somewhere warm?

Well that’s what we got today!! 18-20 degrees heat.. Crazy for the time of year. Just bonkers!

So Ed got back and prior to going to go pick up the hounds I made a pit stop at the only butchers I knew would be open. Sunday trading laws and all that ..

These guys are great, they never seem to close.. And always happy to see you, ok the language difficulties we share make sometimes communicating a little tough.. Yet with smiles and broken English we always seem to get there on the end ..

Whilst in there I picked up a kilo of lamb chops, some henna yoghurt and a spice mix to marinade for tomorrow .. Looking forward to them!!

Also the reason I was in there so long is that they were making up a kebab masala.. Fresh onions. Garlics, coriander/cilantro , chilli’s and ginger… All passed through the mincer.. Like loads of it!

Had to pick up 2 kilos of minced lamb with this fresh masala. The place was smelling so fresh and delightful.. Not bad for a butchers huh?

Anyways.. That’s for tomorrow also..

Tonite? We having been away have nothing in the fridge.. Actually sorry.. thats an outright lie. We have heaps.. Not fridge fresh though ok?

So I picked up some pre- cooked chapli kebabs .. Frozen so you can just give them a blast ala chef ping..

With a bottle if wine and a bag of salad.. The lavash bread from the cupboard, and a squeeze of tahini sauce.. Not the greatest kebabs to be fair .. Yet it did the trick .. And hey! I got some really cool stuff for tomorrow right?

Yeah.. Might go to bed right now just so I can wake for tomorrow x






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  1. Oh, that looks so good! Did the fur babies get a bite?


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