Use up rib roast beef and veggies with Pataks sauce

Use up time once more!!

This time the rib of beef from Sundays delicious roast.

Mrs Fitz had salmon with new potatoes and salad for lunch so we had some spuds left over too..

A quick look in the fridge gave me the last of the French green beans.. Some scallions and frizen peas.. ( remember to give peas a chance ) x hmmmmm ..


Gone for trimming the beef of fatty gristly bits.. Frying the scallions with some roscoff garlic, pressed with the new wonderful garlic press . Some olive oil . The trimmed roast rib if beef added, the green beans topped and tailed and some frozen peas..

Now for a quick sauce.. Gone for one these delightful pataks stirfry type sauces.. Punjabi 5 spice. First time I have used one and I must say that the Pataks family are onto another winner !

Just a dash of water added. Not to make a gravy as such..

Delightful I must say.. Now that has been popped into the fridge for the flavours to meld., and will be served tonite with methi chapatis..

Looking forward to that.. Yummy x






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