Fish cake sandwiches..

An suffering from fluey like symptoms.. No it is not ‘man-flu’ .. It is an annoying bugger of a thing..

A cheerey easy snack was required.. Something Valium inducing. Looking on the fridge of magic .. Ahaha!!

Fish cakes,, righty ho.. Fishcake sandwiches it is then!

Simply cooked the fish cakes in the oven with some beef dripping .. There is something about beef dripping and fish cakes . Oh and fried eggs to be fair . It just works well .. X

The bread? Last of the Jackson’s bread. On the turn so toasted.. Buttered with Cornish butter, lovely and yellow that butter , just lovely ..

For me a dollop of stokes red sauce. For Mrs Fitz some stokes chilli mayo..

Munch munch crunch.. Pass out .. Olbas oil on the pillows.. Perfectomundo ..







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