Lamb chop methi aloo thingymajiggy -pressure king pro

A quick curry in a hurry .. we’ll ok no hurry really.. it was just made speedily by the awesome #pressurekingpro .. that machine is really pretty freakin awesome I tells ya!

An abundance of lamb chops ensured that there will be plenty to go around for sure! (They were ‘leftovers’ from a fabulous menu for a wonderful client..)… ahem..

First browned off.. pretty hard all over .. then the onions softened in the lamb grease .. some smuggled meat spices into the onions 

Into the pressure king pro.. 

now the sauces for the gravy.. we had this pack of methi aloo.. it’s got all the good stuff in to make a sauce yet not really that great just in its lonesome.. 

A good sprinkle of Harissa adds another flavour and some heat.. 

all gets locked into the pressure king pro.. press the buttons for the meat setting .. 13 minutes later .. you have super tender curry! .. although letting it stay put in keep warm for a few hours before we dived in..

With some crispy potato slices.. and a slice of freezer foraged flatbread.. 

a stunner.. 

seriously a stunner ! 

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