Lamb Biryani ??

Mrs Fitz still sick.. That cough is now grating.. Me? YUP! Her? Probably worse.. Mr Wentworth? Is cool, he has made a few mistakes today yet heck.. Still a puppy? X

Gone for a lamb, ricey dish that never stops to amaze .. The succulent lamb.. Fluffy seasoned with saffron and spices.. A pure shot of the best eatery in the heavens… For sure x

How to conjure up this medley of delight- fullness?

Get the lamb going.. Special spices (cannot share sorry) .. Addition of washed basmati rice.. Few ‘extra’ numbers.. Cooked in the slow cooker.. 6 hrs.. Yup.. 6 HOURS x

finish? Fry up some onions.. Those frenchie roscoffs again.. Heat up some bhatura bread till crispy and soft.. (You geddit right?) The slight addition of citrusy fresh coriander..

Eat and enjoy.. Whilst imagining you are sat on persian pillows with that smell of a full day of sunshine in the dusk.. Does it get better than that? (Maybe a light sprinkle of rose water over the top of the dish)

Perhaps.. Yet for now.. X love truly is in the air x

(An Mr Wentworth is in that dreamy ‘opiated’ state for sure..)

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