Chicken tikka rolls

Gotta love chicken tikka rolls.. With the best franklins farm chicken thighs.. Those chucks have for sure done some scuttlin about.. Tasty as you like!

To make the tikka? Ask ya attorney for the spice blend! Woop it up adding garlic and ginger paste, natural yogurt, salt and peppers .. Mix in the chicken leave to marinate over night..

Now.. This aint your crisped up MSG fueled colored up take out stylee.. This is food renegade style.. Cool..

I decided to try them out in some roasting bags… And boy did they keep the juiciness locked in.. Mini flavor bombs indeed! Yay! X

Put in the oven at 180 for 40 mins.. Maybe more.. You decide… Leave to cool a little with the oven off and open.. Enjoy the warmth of that oven filling ya kitchen with smells of the east and warmth like a tuscan dusk.

Heat up some arabic bread.. Could make it yet also good to support those clay oven tenders..

Chop up a salad.. Get the raita and mexican green salsa out.. Roll up bob marley stylee..

Make sure you got a bunch of paper towels..

This makes you sit back and keep tasting like a horse sucking on a minted corn cob.. X

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