Bangers! & Mash

Tonites supper?

Bangers & Mash.. That classic, the not too sure what to order in the ‘gastro’ pub staple.. This way though?

Wonderful free rangey porky sausages with onion marmalade, really does bring out the sweetness of the pork.. (Hate saying that yet it is true!)

Boiled up scottish spuds.. Quite diss-apoint- ted .. On the name rather than the quality..

Smushed up with butter an milk an butter an french sea salt an the NEW standyby of lebanese herbs.. All kinz in there! (See am ‘street’) … Ok fair enough..

Sausages done till you think its over.. Mashy smushed till not quite that michel-in starry thing.. I tried that once with the whole baking and scooping and passing through a ricer number.. Bollox to be fair.. X

Peas and carrots from a can are the key to this finale.. Makes you feel a little nostalgia.. Actually apart from corned beef egg and chips ala Father Fitzgerald & aloo gobi ala Mama there aint that much left that makes me feel that way.. Its all a disappointment.. Think pie in a can.. Buy it try it.. Recall why we moved on! Sorry x

Gravy? Tried the one found in the back of the fridge.. Nah.. Coudda made a salt stick for a desert donkey out of it instead..ah well added the trusty ketchup..

Overall? We ate and felt good x

Now.. For newley found disney icepops! Gotta love the back of the freezer x

(Umm and maybe the ghosts ate the other half of Mrs Fitzs sausage prior to her getting her supper.. Ahem.. Must call ghost busters perhaps.. )

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