A great state dinner? Or a great state of dinner!!!

Love her or hate her… No matter what you call her.. Or him or it! Sometimes the oven you researched an purchased with the super features just let’s you down.. Does it though?
Nah you let it down… Should have pressed the super pyrolitic (feck no knows how to spekll it without looking in the manuel) (that was on porpoise, think falty towers x)

Ok.. So it was in time for me to press that magic button that magically cleans and burns all the grimey and stuclky (that is a word.. Try it.. STUCK-LEE -ky..) bits at 600 degrees.. Yup you read that right!

Did I press it? Did I heck! .. Kitchen kinda got smokey, Mrs Fitz had one of those ‘ Really’ looks on her wonderfully beautiful face.. (See what I am doing there! Hahah x)


Off to chippy.. Great british institiution the chippy.. Most owned by chinese these days around here.. Any way.. CLOSED! Sheesh am now in the badlands at a time that I aint normally on the ‘streets blood!’ .. Hoody down.. Bag of not so good frozen fries, cooked by a Turkish? chap that is far more interested in the local teenage ‘talent’ that is preening over his kebab skills! Thank the gods for not being young again.. Don’t care what people say.. Am more than happy with my mis-spent youth ta x

Back home on super scuttle legs.. Mrs Fitz laughing at the somewhat middle aged hooded chap at the door.. Mr Wentworth just pleased to see anything after snoozling..

We ended up with a very nice supper of fresh cut salad, pork an beef ‘proper’ hamburgers.. In cia batter rolls.. With crazy badlands fries.. I eat them all..

My attorney on the other hand appears to have discovered a lovely new sauce! After a few pints in the pub with his family butcher..

Nice! X

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