Brussel sprouts Love ’em or hate them?

Well.. One of the age old adages .. (Is that right?).. Anyhoo you know what I mean x

I quite like them.. Not just the obligatory christmas numbers.. When every TV chef across the globe will offer you the ‘ideal’ new or traditional recipe.. Best just lightly boiled for the festive number I reckon.. Or to be fair skip them out all together and stop the conversation dead! (Although my pal irish michael would go mad, he even gets them on the stalk ad a gift from one of his kids!)

Why sprouts today? .. Found some of my Mamas brussel sprout subji.. Or sab-zeeh.. Or however else you like to say it.. Mrs Fitz don’t like them.. I think they are a wonderful relic of the raj, a touch of living colonialism embodied in the fusion of spices & foods that remembers the past yet sits so well in the present.. Windy pops? NOPE!

I like mine with a buttered oversized arabic bread.. A roti or paratha would equally work as would a ‘simple’ pitta..

A smidgen of salt needs to be added once the sprouts are warmed, just to give a salty swipe to the tongue.. The recipe? Actually I think it may be in my Mamas cookbook.. written first in the eighties.. Quite a neat collection of good easy indian vegetarian food.. With lovely hand drawn illustrations by my unkle billy x

Right .. Enjoy ! I think its lovely.. Supper for Mrs Fitz? Cous cous.. Will post that tomorrow x Mr Wentworth? Still far too cutesy..

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