The Grand National & First BBq! X


The skies cleared today.. Just in time for the Grand National, winners.. Nope.. One on for Mrs Fitz, one on for Kyia (Gods rest her & look after her..) X..

Off to the butchers.. The kind most don’t like going to.. No clean vac packed slices.. No separation between cuts nor animals.. Perhaps not to many peoples taste.. Brilliant I think! Not quite Casablanca with cow heads on display with their tongues hanging out!

So.. Two kilos of lamb mixed with mutton.. Pushed through twice in the mincer.. First with coriander (cilantro) then again with chillis.. Those fiery pep you up ones.. A good couple handfuls.. Like a little too many!

Wish I had a pic of the guy.. He is superb & such a character.. Reminds me of the chap that makes the best Merguez in amsterdam.. Mebbe they are family?

Bring it home.. Add the following..

Ginger garlic paste! Lebanese 7 spice , oregano, parsley, mint & garam masala (the karachi blend).. Reads too much ? Probably is!

Smush it up and squeeze onto skewers.. There is a techique .. Does it always work?


Still when you get it right it feels good.. I do though suggest wearing gloves.. Not Dents! Regular food grade gloves.. Roll ya sleeves up good!

Next? Turn on the BBq that has not been used since last summer.. ‘Help’ Mrs Fitz clean it… Ahem.. Stand about looking at the rest of the garden like you are going to fix it now is the new season.. X OK! Is now clean x

Grill till you realize that you maybe outta gas.. Put into the oven instead.. Straight onto the bars.. Catch the juice.. (Not for using just in the vain attempt to keep it a little cleaner.. )

Serve with naan , tomato, spring onion, soft salad leaves, lebanese yogurt, mixed chopped peppers into strips.. Garlic and radish sprouts.. Sounds lots? Ok.. Also add a smidge of harissa, now you are done.. X

Roll up an marvel at the wonder in front of you..

Ummm.. Then realize it may be just a little too hot.. Fill ya mouth with frozen curly wurly post supper..

Roast pork tomorrow,.. X


Oh and a nice pic of me mate Irish Jimmy.. Just meeting Mr Wentworth.. He couldn’t believe how soft he is! X

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  1. Wow. That is huge. Do you have that many friends??? I was thinking about a BBQ when I got up this morning, it was really quite mild, but once I’d got out of bed, washed, had my breakfast I was too knackered to even think of getting it out.

    So back to the chicken I brined overnight in 6% brine. It is now drained and drying.

    This afternoon I will set the oven to 90deg and cook it for about 4 hours, then rest it for 45 mins before ramping up the temp to max and brown for 10 mins before carving and serving with the usual sides.


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