Sausage hot diggidy dog rolls..

Remember those franks from the other day? The ones that didn’t turn out the best in the end?

Well I did say I was going to turn them into sausage rolls and what better than when you are already full to experiment like this!!

Take the store bought all butter puff outta the freezer . Defrosted and rolled. Failed franks de-cased and broken on top. Folded, rolled and egg washed. . With the aid of two very willing helpful assistants!

Now these were cooked already .. So no hard cooking needed .. Literally 15 minutes at 200 (real money!) degrees..

Puffed and golden.. And I tell you they were pretty cool! Pretty cool indeed !

I must remember the pre-cook of the bangers.. It seems to have irked a treat and really sped up the process!!

If you have never tried then give them a go.. Really you should.. Makes an excellent snack and an even better supper.. With a dollop of any sauce you fancy .. Enjoy!








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