Cottage pie/shepherds pie.. Both groovy gravy

Which ever way around it goes this ( I shall call cottage pie) was lovely..

I had a call with my attorney whilst I was driving back from work on nasty roads.. At the end if it he mentioned that he was having cottage pie for supper.. Hmmm gotamee thinkings..

Mrs Fitz needed to go to the stores. So she picked up some good beef mince.. Am sure we have some in the freezer yet feck it.. Too tired today.

Mrs Fitz got the cottage pie going . Heritage carrots, onions and garlic.. And her secret blend of spice, pastes and stocks.. So that’s cool .

Of course I then had to step in.. Because I can’t help meself.. And peeled the spuds . Chopped them up and set to boil in salted water with a hand snap of wild rosemary, works quite well that . As if you have fridge cold spuds like we did, you get quite a bit if starch coming out of them.. You can hoike the rosemary out of the pit and most if the starchy foam comes with it. Therefore having drier and fluffier spuds.

My secret for these ones? Jersey butter, maldon salt , Bristol blend pepper and chicken powder.. Just a bit yet it works.. Like REALLY works..

Plopped atop the unctuous meat.. Baked till bubbling and slightly crispy.

We outta veg as are off to the Emerald Isle in a couple if days.. So no veg.. Is cool though.. Was a lovely supper..

My attorney sent me a pic of his cottage pie.. I have sprout envy .. He puts Red Leicester cheese on his.. I think that’s a sin…







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