Jacks Delicious Mini Sausage rolls

Nice mail from Jack, glad he’s feeling a bit better.. I am cold.. it ain’t hot back home!

Just a couple of things before you read..

Do take the skins off your sausages.. do experiment with flavours.. stuffing and apple sauce works well..

And use Mr Fitz own recipe sausage meat..

That’s all!


And hit this link to read all about sausage rolls.. x


Enjoy.. happy holidays! X

Feeling a lot better today so what to do?

I decided to cook something I’ve never cooked before.
I came across a recipe by Simon Rimmer, normally a vegetarian, for mini spiicy and herby Sausage Rolls. Just the ticket.

I had a pack of ready all butter puff pastry in the freezer and a bag of pork sausages. Ideal, so using the black magic trays brought them to room temperature in about 2 hours.

I finely chopped up some mushrooms I found in the fridge and fried them gently with some butter until cooked.

Meanwhile I skinned the sausages and mixed the meat in a bowl with a couple of tsps each of dried thyme, tabasco and Worcester sauce.

When the mushies were ready I added them to the bowl and mixed everything until smooth.

I then opened the pastry sheet and cut it in half lengthways. Taking half the sausage mix I spread it along the length of the pastry and repeated that with the other half and brushed one edge of each batch with egg wash.

Starting with the long edge I folded the edge over the sausage mix and under the egg brushed edge to seal.

I then tightened the long rolls before cutting them evenly into mini rolls. I managed to get 8 out of each roll.

I then cooked them in the oven at 220c for about 20 mins. Brought them out and left them to cool.

My wife Christine felt they were too spicy and a bit too herby, however the lads in the pub thought they were delicious and that is good enough for me.

Though I will reduce the thyme and the tabasco for Christine next time! Worth a try Mr Fitz and you don’t even have to skin the sausages!!!‎

(ahem.. your really should Jack.. you should x)

Enjoy and be nice.

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