Supper at riverside Las olas FL

Took dinner at Las Olas, .. very nice.. great part of town ‎.. historic.. and lovely indeed..

A wonderful part of fort lauderdale.. and a fantastic dinner under the stars on the best part of downtown.. it’s seriously nice..

Oh.. and had more steak.. ahem… maybe the novice gardener is right.. and a diet of crackers next week.. must tell Mrs Fitz.. although would murder a shepherds pie.. the one she makes so well.. x (I think we have a pie mix ready in the deep freeze already? X) (ahem…. x)

Also had Chinese rice.. one with beefs.. one with chicken.. I may pop soon.. like a BIG pop.. that would send me back all the ways back across the pond.. x

It was a delightful spread.. and I did a great turn as a barman.. well I reckon so… I asked my attorney about buying a boat out here.. he reckons it’s too cheap and us not to bother.. x

Breakfast soon I suppose.. and I need to pack.. nite nite yall! X

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  1. And who’s going to make my tea ?

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