Pre dinner snacks at bahia cabana FL

‎Managed to meet up with an old pal and his wife.. haven’t seen him for a few years!!

Manny & Simone are cool.. really nice people.. and they live kind of out this way..

So they kindly said they would come and pick me up inbetween work.. and they did..

And took me to a great place.. by a marina.. a homely bar.. ‘proper’ place this.. locals and some tourists in the know all together.. ‎with a singer..

Took a few beers.. and a fish sandwich.. great fish sandwich indeed.. a blackened dolphin burger for Manny and a philly cheese steak‎ for his wife Simone..

Great location, great food… and for the three of. us? Plus drinks?.. a couple each??

SIXTY USD!!! Still less than the PGA steak… C’MON people at PGA!! Sheesh!!

It wa great to see Manny & Simone.. hope to see them again soon

Right got to go and have a shower.. change and get ready for dinner.. I might not eat next week..x

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  1. Lol…you’ve been having way too much fun, Mr Fitz! Maybe take it easy next week, crackers and grapes and wines maybe? 🙂 Angie.


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