Lunch in Hollywood.. (not ‘THAT’ Hollywood!

Am in Hollywood.. finally made it.. only perhaps my GPS wasn’t working so well??

Am in Hollywood Florida.. it’s quite nice.. a kind of laidback place.. with a massive hotel bang in the middle of it!!

And that’s where I took lunch.. a steak.. with not home cut fries.. and that makes me mad.. yet I suppose when you have to cater for so many it’s tough to peel spuds.. maybe call in the defence organisations to assist?? With an army of peelers it would be short work..?

Started with a salad.. the watermelon radish was a new one on me.. and I will be looking out for them.. many many many leaves though.. like enough to get rabbits starting to appear.. or is that just my lack of sleep..? X

It was ok though.. and I found a nice sign.. x and a whole house made of gingerbread.. what was that child book? Hansel and gretal..? Whatever it is I remember you ain’t supposed to eat the gingerbread as someone will put you in an oven.. and it’s hot enough already!!

A little rest now.. then off to supper.. a mimosa methinx x

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