Breakfast at the W hotel..

Didn’t sleep that well… maybe a little too much meat sitting in me.. ? didn’t get the terrors or sweats though.. so although drowsy with a meat induced semi coma.. like a short spell in a meat jail.. I awoke.. to a wonderful view and weather..

This is cruise ship territory.. an wow! Do they have ships! So it’s busy..

So off to the W hotel for breakfast.. and a mighty fine spread.. cuban sandwiches with excellent pulled pork.. short ribs Benedict.. FRICKIN AMAZING!! ‎ (that’s gonna become a Mr Fitz special brunch.. x) , home potatoes, white egg omelette with feta.. chorizo omelettes.. bacons, fresh fruits .. pastries.. oversized cups of coffee.. green tea for Mr Fitz..

What’s else? French toast.. made very well.. juices fresh of course.. and probably more.. I dunno.. gave up after a while..

My co -worker Misha from Ney York was very impressed with his Cuban and eggs.. and he has very high standards!!

It was a delightful way to start the day x just delightful..

Categories: Breakfasts, Dining out & about, previous posts, Travel Bites


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