BBQ supper number Deux FTL Florida

So.. BBQ one.. cool.. and a dash back for a shower.. and a quick change.. back on stage!!

When you are full of BBQ already and just showered off the smell and stickiness of ‎good bbq sauce fron ya fingers and face.. you do feel cleaner.. yet.. here comes round two!!

Another BBQ, welcomed by a steel pan drummer.. a well stocked private bar.. a nd a HUGE selection of very delicate and up-scale BBQ dishes..

Although this time with a Florida meats (see what I did there?) Caribbean.. style.. good and spicy Jerk Chicken.. rice and beans.. sticky caramelised plantains ‎.. good yet for some strange reason I couldn’t eat too much.. ahem..

A multitude of other offerings.. yet I really do need to mention Chef Brandon and his award-winning sliders.. mini ‘burgers’.. yet with a slow cooked slice of belly pork.. melty.. a topping of bacon.. not just bacon.. candied and dusted with black pepper.. sweet, salty and hot! Some crisped leeks.. a squirt of bourbon bbq glaze, and a swizzle of dijonaise.. ‎all in a toasted brioche bun..

Definitely an award winning dish.. and definitely coming home with me.. thanks Chef Brandon.

(of course there were various salads.. puddings, appetisers.. finger bites.. also.. yet c’mon.. I could only hit the good stuff.. )..

Should I have eaten before attending this VIP dinner?? Umm I think so as Tom Jenkins is closed Sundays (for church.. and Mondays (they go fishing..)

A what a great experience.. both BBQ extremes!!

Now THATS a memory x

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