BBQ for supper Tom Jenkins fort lauderdale florida

‎Time for tea said said doogal.. x‎ only this one panned out a little further than I thought…

I got this recommendation from a Co_worker on the catamaran… Tom Jenkins.. it’s a ‘proper’ BBQ joint in the back of Fort Lauderdale.. no chain here just minimum. 16 hrs low and slow bbq smoking.. and it was good..!

I was really looking forward to it.. and managed to hustle a lift from the Co-worker.. from an association.. so great! Let’s go!

They drove which was cool.. yet thing is out here.. if you miss a turning. You go for ages before you can U-Turn… yup.. we missed one!

I see now while they are called Florida Blocks!

Yet we arrived… me bouncing like my puppy Cora Murley when she knows it’s supper-time..!x

There was a line.. yet not too long.. enough time to drool over the menu a few times…

Went for ribs, (regular for me N baby back for my co-worker), chicken, home fries, cornbread muffin.. with shared sides of collard greens, corn on the cob,potato salad, and mac ‘n’ cheese.. (not for me! X)

And a lemonade.. and an iced tea.. both homemade..

It was good.. ok not like the best thing ever.. yet good.. and the price?… 34 dollars all in for all of it.. yes.. THIRTY FOUR DOLLARS for all of it.. now that is good value.. considering my PGA steak was 78 dollars remember? X

Left the BBQ joint, had to head back to work.. just in time for dinner.. Ooops! X

Dinner…ummm… guess what?… BBQ!!! feck!


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