Leaving west palms.. heading to fort lauderdale..

Time to leave West palms florida.. and head on down to Fort Lauderdale.. I love these American buses… pretzels? well it’s all I could find in my bag to eat on the journey..

Yet arrived ok.. and straight to lunch.. ‎as you know am not big on fishes.. yet the tuna in black and white sesame seeds.. with a slaw and a kumquat sauce.. works… it truly does.. and the chef is pretty well know.. and a nice guy to boot!

Mains of a chicken breast in hoisin ‎.. with veg and giant cous cous.. nice.. and dessert.. it’s hot so not so nice..

Took a catamaran to shake off lunch.. a great way to view a skyline of a place.. and a bridge that breaks in half to let us through.. cool!

Time to get ready for supper… x

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