winter bbq steak

‎Home now.. glad to be back in the safe arms of Mrs Fitz and the furry paws of my daagggss x

So for supper.. the weather is still pretty mild for the time of year..

So a BBQ! Fired up the Weber.. two good rump steaks.. one with south African meat seasoning.. (always a winner).. the other with coriander and lemon seasoning.. (a classic)..

Served with skewered mushrooms.. drizzled with pimped up Mrs Middleton’s oil.. (of which a new 5 litre supply arrived today, UN-PIMPED of course!).. and chilli and garlic salt..

And Mrs Fitz made a fresh hungarian horseradish sauce.. with natural yoghurt and grated horseradish.. and also a red onion compote.. very good sides indeed!

For sure I have been hammering the red meat in recent days.. ok maybe weeks!! Yet this was a lovely supper.. with delightful company..

Mr Wentworth & Cora Murley decided on eating rosemary for their desserts.. quite expensive taste those two! X

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