Veeraswarmy barnsley lamb chop curry

‎Well this truly has to be a wonderful ‘fusion’ of the history of Indians arriving in the UK?

The oldest Indian restaurant in london.. Veeraswarmy.. meets the yorkshire chop.. the best one.. Barnsley.. and there must be the best meeting of history.. yorkshire? And injuns?.. x

There is some kinda synergy there..

And after a long discussion with my attorney I went for.. onions.. roscoff garlic.. green chilli and the paste.. a can of spinach and a sprinkle of amchoor plus a couple teaspoons of ketchup added a sweet and sour note.. was a little unsure about adding tamarind..

Big long cook.. slow and low..

It worked man.. like really worked x

Also pulled up THE last spuds.. while most are getting ready to harvest the ‘late” spudula.. I am still getting out the summer numbers!!

Yet sadly. Although am sure my pal the novice gardener will attest to.. ‎it’s winter foraging.. no? X

Boiled.. and cooled.. added ‎with shallots, roscoff garlic and fresh ginger.. a couple teaspoons of a madras powder.. not hot just flavoursome..

Addition of peas.. a-wah-la.. Aloo muttar..? (I thinking!! X)

Tell ya.. great meal this one.. $$$$$$ all over it buddy! X

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2 replies

  1. Winter foraging is fun and satisfying, yeah? Like finding treasures, all under the snow. The hat is…uh…cool, that’s all I’ma say! 🙂


  2. The hat: You look like Mr Wentworth 🙂


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