Sausage rolls… like amazing x

‎Made for a bunch of sausages.. and feck me these ones are worth a million! X

Can I remember quantities? Nope.. (really need to get a grasp on that!) x

Can I remember ingredients.. nope.. (sorry).. x

Can I be sure that they are ‘like the most Awesome ever???‎’…


This. Shizzle is the biZzle!! X

Minced up 2k plus of shoulder of pork.. added a secret stash of niceness.. loads of the finest pro-juice..

Smushed together.. and I tell ya again people’s x this stuff is diamond..x

Stuffed a bunch into hog skins.. the reat into sausage rolls.. and I swear to ya..

These are the business.. they got character ya know x

Loosened up my last bit of stokes ketchup the way mama taught me.. water and vinegar.. (mine may these days be slightly more extravagant! X)

Nite yall x

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