Pork scratchings!!

Call ’em what you want..‎and all the world over has various names for them.. yet to be fair.. having bought and eaten this ‘it may kill ya’ snack.. I reckon I have it.. NAILED DOWN!

I have a good pal.. a good butcher.. a secret that cannot be shared.. x

So here is the sheet of pork skin.. expertly taken off the loin.. ‎by my master butcher pal.. he also runs a great sideline in knuckle dusters.. custom. Fitted.. thinking about getting a pair.. why.. dunno.. old skool kid I suppose x

Anyways back to the pig skin.. if you can imagine taking the bit between your thumbnail and thumb.. try it.. you got it? (by the way don’t think of a pink elephant.. no actually a purple one.. got it? On roller skates? Holding an umbrella? .. yeah.. I saw it too x)

So.. cut the rind that thin.. a complete and utter throw away cut for a butcher who is selling pork loin.. track them down.. like a lion.. x

Season.. I used a south African meat seasoning on this one.. a chilli and lemon blend works well too.. ignore those ‘recipes’ you will see that talk about salt only.. or addition of a single spice.. ‎you gotta get these on.. beat the small pub packs.. avoid the nasty nasty nasty soft ones! X

Then.. into oven.. micro + oven.. experiment.. don’t deep fry em.. without speed-dial one onto the fire service!

Season again.. take to your local bar.. FREAK THEIR MINDS OUT! .. x

Is cool.. costs Nada Nada..

And is cool.. x like really reaaly frickin cool x ‎


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