Jack’s Anti Heston’s Beef Stew

This from my pal Jack.. I have to agree entirely! Heston’s food food ‘consumers’ just doesn’t work! Have tried many of his available products in the store.. not one that good!

Was pretty pleasing to see row after row of his stoopid mince pies (not even in the ‘proper’ pastry.. what Heston after all these years suddenly you discover a better way? With pine sugar.. really?? ) x

So here is Jack’s recipe.. now this I would be more than happy to eat x

Jack Taylor’s ‘proper’ stew.. #hestonwaitrose
#waitrose #hestonrubbishwaitrosefood

Well after being a Heston disciple for many years, as you know I was so disappointed with my last religious faith in his processes, following blindly to the letter his recipe for beef and dumplings which was a complete disaster I decided to revert to my old favourite stew using the pressure cooker.

However I still used the Waitrose beef and marrow bone pack but added my own extras and used the ubiquitous pressure cooker. So here is what I did:

I put a little oil in the pressure cooker and added the marrow bones.

When the fat oozed out I added the beef until browned then added 4 or 5 chopped rashers of bacon and a couple of chopped onions until they softened.

Now I added a couple of chopped carrots, sliced garlic, a handful of quartered mushrooms, chopped swede and about half a litre of strong beef stock.

Brought to a boil and pressure cooked for 30 mins.

Had to thicken with the easy cornflour. Served with boiled potatoes and the left over savoy.

So so good. Bye bye Heston!!!!

Be Nice jack x

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